Custom Embroidered Patches

Do you need to have Custom Embroidered Patches made? If so, we’d love to help. Custom Embroidered Patches are our cornerstone product line. A-B Emblem is the USA’s #1 Supplier of Custom Patches.

We can handle anything from large bulk orders to individual orders. The turnaround can be as quick as 48 hours for a Domestic Rush from our North Carolina location. A-B Emblem also owns offshore factories in Mexico and China for incredible flexibility.

Sizes and shapes of patches

Normal Size Patches

Of course, A-B Emblem offers normal size custom patches. These are typically going to be between 2-inches and 5-inches in overall size.

Larger Patches

Looking for Larger Custom Patches to wear on vests, jackets, or hockey jerseys? Need Back Patches? Great! We make larger patches up to 12 inches wide x 17 inches high. A-B can also help you design larger patches with extra stitching detail.

Mini Patches

A-B Emblem produces Mini Patches. These are typically around 1-inch in overall size. We can help you design your mini patches, so they work at this size. In particular, simple designs work best for mini patches. They are often worn on shirts as branding or sold in sets of three on a backer card.

Borders and Backing

Border Shapes and Types of Borders

Basic border shapes for custom patches can be Circles, Squares, Triangles, Rectangles, Shields, Badges, Ovals, etc. Rounded corners are also no problem.

For basic shapes of patches, the Overlock Edge Border (aka Merrow® Border) is often used to provide a classic look. However, you can choose a Low-Profile Edge Border if you prefer it.

If your patches need an Intricate Border Shape, on the other hand, we produce these as well. A Hot Needle Cut or Laser Cut Border is best for intricate border shapes. This allows the border shape to follow the outline stitching and it can be quite complex.

Backing Options

We have great Backing Options for custom patches. A-B offers Iron-On patches aka Heat Seal, Sew-On patches, VELCRO® Brand patches, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive patches, and AttachMYPatch™ (long-lasting adhesive) patches.

Our Attachements Guide is helpful for deciding what type to choose. So, please check it out!

Exceptional customer service and craftsmanship

A-B focuses on exceptional customer service and craftsmanship. We supply custom patches to the most recognized organizations in the world. Our customers include NASA, the US Military, and Boy Scouts of America.

Logo specialists

A-B Emblem can make your logo into a beautiful custom patch. Translating logos into stunning patches is our specialty. To see some of our work, please visit our recent blog post.

Resources and design help

Want to learn more about Custom Embroidered Patches? Please read our FAQ.  And, fire away with any questions that you have to our help line so we can assist.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us for a quote or to confer about how we can work together to produce embroidered patches that you can be proud to wear, give or sell.

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