Custom PVC Patches

Custom PVC Patches are a popular style and A-B Emblem is breaking new ground in this category! We offer VELCRO ® Brand as well as Sew-on backing. Our designers are pioneering the use of 2-D raised and 3-D shaping to the surface of the PVC patch.

Attachment of PVC emblems

PVC emblems are attached by sewing or with a Velcro hook backing (that is sewn on). The PVC rubber material has oils inside of it that will degrade heat seal or pressure-sensitive adhesive backings. So, we spec sewing attachments to eliminate this problem.

The sew channel

We include a sew channel (for stitching) in the perimeter of every PVC design for this purpose. If you look closely, you will see it in our samples and product photos. A programmable sewing machine is used to “stitch in the ditch” for commercial attachment to apparel.

How we make PVC emblems

We pour PVC rubber as a liquid into our custom-made metal molds. We do this one color at a time like an upside-down cake. After pouring, we vulcanized the PVC rubber into a solid. Then, we remove from the mold to create the final product.

CAD file designed

The PVC emblem’s shape is based on our proprietary CAD file design. We train our lead embroidery designers in this area of expertise. Using the CAD file, a solid block of metal is machined to create the mold.

Drawing on a rich history

Our company has 80+ years of experience creating depth in embroidery designs. So, we are able to translate this knowledge into a new medium with PVC. The material and processes are different. However, the concept of design utilizing depth is similar.

Preview renderings show 2D & 3D shaping

A-B Emblem offers preview renderings that show 2D raised and 3D shaping. So, this is super helpful to our customers. Our preview shows you what the PVC patch will look like from an angle – before it’s made. So, you can almost feel it with your eyes.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us for a quote or to confer about how we can work together to produce embroidered patches that you can be proud to wear, give or sell.

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