Our facilities. Conrad Industries, the parent company of A-B Emblem, owns factories located in North Carolina, Mexico, and Northern China. Regardless of the location, we respect the people, the culture, and the environment. Our long-term multi-national presence provides the flexibility to provide the best quality at the best price.

As another advantage, we can choose the best facility to make your custom patches and emblems in the needed time frame. Further, if you need products made in the region where your products are assembled, then we have you covered in North America, Latin America, and Asia.

Weaverville, North Carolina – The HQ

A-B outgrew our New Jersey location in 1963. In light of the situation, we broke ground for a new facility in beautiful Western North Carolina that year and moved. The new factory and offices in Weaverville expanded over time from 26,000 square feet to greater than 120,000.

Today the Weaverville facility is our corporate headquarters. It’s the largest remaining embroidered patches factory in the United States. This location is primarily stitching patches for the US Armed Forces, as well as customers requiring Made In America (USA).

We invite you to take a Virtual Tour with Google Maps. Likewise, if you’re in the area and would like to speak face-to-face, please drop by. You can call us at 888-797-4285 to schedule a time.

Tecali De Herrera, Mexico – EBM

In 1996, we established our first facility outside the United States, Emblem Bordados de Mexico (EBM). Although starting slowly and carefully, EBM quickly grew to be the largest emblem manufacturer in Mexico.

Located two hours south of Mexico City and twenty minutes outside of Puebla. The village of Tecali de Herrera is home to our factory and offices. EBM serves US factories and foreign customers with facilities in Mexico. It also serves industries and organizations in Mexico and Central America.

City of Laixi, China – QEM

In 2006, we established our Chinese manufacturing company Qingdao Emblem Manufacturing, Co. Ltd. (QEM). With the signing of documents establishing a WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise), A-B expanded our custom patch-making operations to Asia.

QEM is located in Shandong Province outside of the city of Laixi 莱西. As a result of the location, our factory offers meaningful employment to farm families from the surrounding villages.

QEM does not need dormitories. The workers walk, bike, or scooter to work. We were the first wholly-owned American company in the greater Laixi area, population 800,000 (small by Chinese standards). As such, we proudly fly the US Flag at the entrance to our factory.

Compliance and Accountability across all facilities

Regardless of the location, all of our locations are ISO 9001-2015 certified. Furthermore, we are Socially and Environmentally compliant to meet the toughest world standards.

Well run facilities, consistent results

The top managers at our USA headquarters regularly visit and help our onsite managers operate their facilities. To this end, we maintain an efficient, well-run company across all locations and time zones. All of our plant managers and staff are supported, managed, and trained by the same leadership team.

Let’s Get Started

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