Uniforms and Workwear Patches

Uniform Patches that are well-made allow the person wearing the uniform to perform their best. With more than 80 years of experience, A-B Emblem is a trusted supplier of custom patches and insignia to one of the largest uniform patches buyers in the world – the US Military.

What’s more, we supply the same quality and rugged reliability to our civilian clients.

Supplier to Uniform and Workwear Brands

A-B Emblem works through resellers and wholesalers in the Uniforms market. We manufacture and supply custom embroidered patches and insignia to Uniforms and Workwear Manufacturers, Retailers, and Resellers.

Our quality, service, and prices are guaranteed to be the best in the industry. We have the years of experience needed to deliver well-made patches and insignia on time and on budget.

Certified provider of US Postal Service patches

A-B Emblem is a certified provider of US Postal Service uniform patches. Please contact us to purchase. Made in the USA and certified by the USPS.

Need a referral?

If you are a Police, Fire, or Public Works Department, we can connect you to a high-quality Uniforms Company. A-B Emblem supplies the best options in the field. So, by all means, please reach out to us.

Why do Uniform Companies choose to work with us?

A-B helps Uniforms and Workwear Manufacturers to meet their production goals, so their clients receive their uniforms on time. We also service Uniforms and Workwear Retailers with quick turnaround times, so they can sew patches to stock items quickly and keep their customers looking good.

Proud to be a NAUMD Supplier-Member

Lastly, a big Shout Out to all of our Uniforms and Workwear Company partners. We look forward to visiting with you again at the NAUMD Conference 2022, May 22-24 in Reston, Virginia. A-B will be exhibiting samples of our well-made uniform patches and insignia.

Looking for US Military Patches & Insignia instead?

If you are looking for Military Uniform Patches and Insignia, please visit our Armed Services Military Insignia page. Please also visit our sister company’s website, Conrad Embroidery Company.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us for a quote or to confer about how we can work together to produce embroidered patches that you can be proud to wear, give or sell.

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