Creating Embroidered Logo Patches is our Strength

Creating Embroidered Logo Patches is our strength at A-B Emblem.

Creating embroidered logo patches is our strength at A-B Emblem. Fast production, caring customer service, and low pricing encourage clients to stay with us. Please consider the logo patches shown below to see the quality of our work. Thank you

Strong logos make for great patch designs

Strong logos make for great embroidered patches. There is simplicity and grace to a good logo design. Likewise, a great patch benefits from the same qualities.

Embroidered Logo patch for ASE made by A-B Emblem

The ASE (Association of Space Explorers) logo features a dominant element with the space helmet. Additionally, the reflection in the visor adds important detail. Finally, a contrasting gold border frames a deep blue background which makes this logo pleasing to the eyes.

Association logo patches are a specialty

Lions Clubs International applique made by A-B Emblem
LIONS International embroidered logo patch by A-B Emblem

The LIONS International logo is known worldwide. A-B Emblem is honored to be the national association’s patch supplier for more than 50 years. In this example, the embroidered patch is easy to read and striking. The strong contrast and clean design of the logo are what make it pop!

“Simplicity and repose are qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Corporate logos have the right stuff

This embroidered logo patch for International Harvester features clean, simple lines and contrasting colors.

Corporate logos make for great embroidered patches. The example above is a simple, easy-to-read graphic design that is immediately identifiable. As a result, it works well as a patch on a shirt, jacket, or hat to identify the wearer as being part of the organization.

A-B makes the biggest icons as logo patches

The NASA Vector logo patch is known around the world.

The NASA Vector logo patch is iconic. Without question, the logo is popular with millions of followers of the space program around the world. A-B is proud to stitch the official version of this patch. The logo features a red vector breaking outside of the blue circular background.

Creating logo patches is our strength

In summary, great logos make for great patches. Are you ready to make your own custom logo patch? Then, we’d love to help. Creating embroidered logo patches is our strength.

A-B provides more

Did you know that A-B can also produce your logo in other formats? Options include high-quality vinyl decals, embroidered keyrings & bag tags, lanyards, lapel pins, and caps with patches. Please ask us to learn more and receive a sample kit.

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