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NASA Patches: A-B Emblem

NASA Mission Patches from A-B Emblem

NASA Mission and Program Patches

A Partnership Since 1960

E. Henry Conrad and NASA got together in the 1960s when A-B Emblem made the first NASA Patch aka “the Meat Ball”. The partnership continues to this day. A-B Emblem is the exclusive supplier  to the NASA Astronauts office with our emblems flying in space on the Apollo vehicles, the Space Shuttles, Expedition emblems on the Soyuz spacecraft, and the NASA SpaceX Dragon missions.

Private Sector Space

We make emblems for a variety of amazing companies involved in the space exploration industry. Including, but not limited to Virgin Galactic and Space-X. So, if you are with a private space company, we would love to help you make your own mission patches. Please contact us at 888-797-4285 or email to learn more.

Aerospace & Defense patches

With a long history supplying patches and insignia to the US Military and NASA, A-B Emblem has carved out a niche with Aerospace & Defense organizations for supplying custom patches.

If there’s a mission or a program, we can supply the patches with a high degree of accuracy, quality, speed, and fair pricing. Our options for manufacturing include the USA, North America, and Offshore. Get started today!

Looking to buy NASA Patches for your personal collection?

Then, please visit our Space Patches store! We also partner with select space retailers including Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and several of the NASA Exchanges.

Since 1970

A-B Emblem is the exclusive supplier of mission patches to the NASA Astronauts Office. We began on February 24, 1970, and hold the contract today. As a result, we make every mission and expedition patch sold to NASA and that flies in space.

ISS 62 Mission Patch. Made for NASA Astronauts by A-B Emblem, Weaverville, North Carolina, USA.
Expedition 62 mission patch superimposed over of a view of Earth from the ISS. (Background image, NASA stock photo.)

T-38s to Asheville

Pre-computer era, the commander of the mission would often fly in a T-38 to the Asheville airport. They would then visit our factory in Weaverville to help A-B’s designers translate their design into a mission patch using needle and thread.

The Mission Commander directs the patch design

Today, the mission commander still directs the design of their mission patch, but with email and digital files. They no longer need to physically fly to Asheville. To that end, we stitch and send actual samples for the final approvals.

NASA Patches from A-B Emblem

We make the official NASA Mission Patches for the astronauts in Weaverville, North Carolina, USA, and always will.

Replica Versions of NASA Patches

We own and operate factories in North Carolina, Mexico, and China. So, depending on our production scheduling and workload, we direct patch production to where it fits best. Making the NASA patch replicas at one of these three factories. Regardless, we use the same digital patterns and raw materials in all locations.

Looking for Vintage NASA Patches?

A-B Emblem owns a cache of original Schiffli machine patches made in the USA at our Weaverville, North Carolina factory during the 1980s and 90s. We call them the New Old Stock (NOS) Collection. You can shop for these patches in our space store using the link above.

A-B Emblem, 22 A-B Emblem Drive, Weaverville, NC | |  888-797-4285