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Photo Emblem Patches

Photo Emblem Patches

Photo Emblem Patches from A-B Emblem

We create Photo Emblems using a unique transfer process named dye sublimation. A-B Emblem prints the custom patch design permanently onto polyester twill or satin fabric. Then, we cut to shape and finish with an overlock edge border.

Our high-resolution CMYK process printing offers fine detail with vibrant color and clarity.

Photo Emblems can be a problem solver for artwork that will not embroider cleanly. And, it’s also an affordable solution. The process is faster than embroidery stitching, so it provides reduced manufacturing costs.

There’s no need to count colors because it’s a process color print method. There are also no additional charges based on the amount of coverage.

We stabilize all of our Photo Emblems with a polymer backing. Then we bind the edges with a ravel-proof border. As such, they are durable and last a long time. You can machine wash our Photo Emblems with regular laundry detergent.

A Photo Emblem without a border and a heat seal backing. This is less common but we make them!

If you have a patch design that uses photographic content or gradients, photo emblems may be the perfect solution. This method is also great for designs with small text or tiny details.

We manufacture Photo Emblems at all of our factories including the USA, Mexico, and China. Because Photo Emblems are affordable, they are popular for product promotions and giveaway items.

Photo Emblems may be the solution that you are looking for – if cost is your primary concern. And, we’d love to help you learn more about them.

Please contact us to get started today!

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