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Our Patch Attachment Guide
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Our guide to patch attachment…

These are the methods available for patch attachment:

  1. Sewing
  2. Heat Seal
  3. VELCRO brand (Hook & Loop)
  4. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  5. Attach-MY-Patch
  6. Mechanical (pins, clips, rings, loops, magnets, cords, and straps)

Please watch our explainer video shown above!

Sewing is always best

Why? Because with sewing the stitches pass through the emblem (patch) and the item. Then wrap themselves tight to lock it together. This creates a super-strong mechanical bond.

Heat Seal is the next popular method

Heat Seal is an adhesive backing lamination that’s activated when pressed at a temperature setting for a specific amount of time. Pro tip: a cover cloth is recommended to protect the patch.

VELCRO™ brand aka Hook & Loop

This is a system for attachment that allows for removal and quick changeouts.

A Hook backing is sewn to the patch. We offer an overlock edge border attachment for super strength! A Loop mate is provided for attachment to the item. A-B can laser cut a design into the loop, as shown in the video above.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing

Also known as Peel and Stick, or Sitcky Back, this is an adhesive backing applied at the factory. The patch comes with a peel-away release paper on the back. So, it’s like an embroidered sticker.

Great for quick temporary attachment!

Attach-MY-Patch™ from A-B Emblem

Attach-MY-Patch is a hybrid of Pressure Sensitive and Heat Seal. It allows for long-lasting home patch attachment without sewing or using an iron.

Mechanical – Pins, Clips, Rings, Loops, Magnets, and Straps

This last category covers attachment through a mechanism incorporated into the emblem.


  1. A patch with clutch pins on the back
  2. A button loop on a patch
  3. A clip attaches almost anywhere including backpacks
  4. Magnetic backing to grab metal surfaces
  5. A strap or cord provides a secure attachment for travel

We hope you learned something from our Patch Attachment Guide. If you’d like to learn more about patches, please check out our FAQ page. Thank you

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