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FAQ: A-B Emblem

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your minimums?

Fifty (50) pieces is our minimum order quantity on most items, including custom embroidered patches, for phone and email orders. We can also produce pre-production proofs (one-off samples) and sample sets (3-4) for additional charges. Talk to your account executive to learn more.

If you are a consumer looking to buy a single custom patch (only), we recommend finding a craft business with a single-head embroidery machine. Some folks specialize in that type of service on Etsy. Sorry, we do not.

What are your setup fees?

We have no setup fees — send us your camera-ready art, and we are off to the races. If you don’t have camera-ready art; we can make it for you for a small fee, typically $50. Discuss with your Account Executive.

Shipping charges and taxes (if applicable) are extra.

For lapel pins and metalwork, there is a one-time die fee, that varies with the complexity of the design. Your Account Executive will discuss this with you while delivering your price quote.

Iron-on patches can be attached to what fabrics?

Most fabric types, but waterproof and other coated fabrics can pose a challenge. We recommend testing using a sample patch with iron-on backing before going to production. Our helpful account executive can assist with this matter to ensure quality service.

How do I apply an iron-on patch to a garment?

Set your home iron to 350 degrees and let it warm up. Cover the patch with a thin piece of cloth, and apply the iron for 5 seconds pressing down as hard as you can. IF it does not stick, then go up in 5-second increments. The hotter it gets, the more it could damage the fabric or patch. So, proceed with caution. Applying heat from the back of the patch using a cover cloth may help as well.

Do you attach patches to items?

We attach patches to caps and headwear. But, we do not necessarily attach patches to apparel or bags – because of the cost and risk of shipping. So, please talk to your A-B Emblem Account Executive to get a custom solution in place.

What is the difference between a hot-needle cut and Merrow® border?

Hot-needle cutting: the border is stitched to the patch (on the embroidery machine), commonly used with irregularly shaped and low-profile edge designs. The patch is cut to shape with a hot needle (similar to a hot knife). When combined with heat seal backing, this creates a more integrated look to a garment.

Merrow®, commonly known as surging or overlocking, is sewn on after the patch is embroidered for a ravel-proof border. Merrow® creates the “classic” raised border shape that’s often associated with patches.

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What is the country of origin of your custom patches?

We make custom patches in the United States, Mexico, and China. Let us know your preference when placing a phone or email order. We are happy to make your patches where you prefer them to be made. If you want Made in the USA, please ask. Do not assume.

We produce the patches for our Online Orders Websites, custompatches.abemblem.com and wholesale.abemblem.com, at our factory QEM in Northern China. This allows us to offer a lower price. We ship from our location in North Carolina for all online orders.

What is the maximum order size?

No maximums because we own and operate all three of our factories. We have virtually unlimited capacity.

What are your color limitations?

None, but for more than 12 colors of thread, the cost increase can be noteworthy. For this reason, 12 or less is most common. We use Robison-Anton® embroidery thread as our standard in the United States and FuFu® thread in China, but we can embroider with other brands if needed.

Turnaround time?

Domestic rushes can be done in 24-48 hours. This is our equivalent of UPS® overnight. Our Standard (Offshore) Production of 20-25 days is similar to their ground service. Of note, you can save money when you allow us to produce your items within a standard production time.

Can you meet our event date?

Event dates are our specialty, make sure to let us know your order is for a dated event and discuss the timing with us.

Do we drop-ship?

Yes. We can. We usually ship “Blind Label” in these situations.

What is your Hallmark #?

Our TIOH Hallmark is A35, which we have proudly held since 1941.

What are your prices?

We are competitive and strive to provide a good value that meets our customer’s expectations delivered on time. Please quick quote your project with us to find out what it will cost.

How do I communicate the colors I want if I don’t have a Pantone® book or thread color card?

We have worked out an innovative solution. You can use Crayola® 120 Crayon color names to tell us the colors you want for a custom embroidered patch, key ring or luggage tag. A box can be bought at your local store including Walmart or Target.

If you have more questions, please ask us. We offer design tips as well!

Thanks for reading the FAQ from A-B Emblem.