About us

We are A-B Emblem

Internationally recognized as a designer and manufacturer of emblems and patches. We have supplied the US Armed Forces since 1941. A-B is the Official Supplier of Mission Patches to NASA since 1970.

Look anywhere

Look anywhere and you’re bound to see our products. Thousands of organizations around the world, from the Fortune 500 to Boy Scouts, proudly wear our patches.

Serving a broad base of clients

A-B Emblem supplies businesses, agencies, associations, sports, gift stores, and many types of resellers.

Unmatched service

Whether you need fifty or a million pieces, your order with A-B Emblem will see a level of service and craftsmanship unmatched in our industry.

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Experts at our Craft

A-B’s pro design staff plus the Conrad family’s 125+ years experience. Together, we turn your ideas into award-winning patterns of rich, colorful embroidery.

The best thread and fabric

The emblems we make are produced using the best embroidery thread in the world. We use top-quality background fabrics, custom dyed for uniformity, and routinely tested for durability and color-fastness.

Laminated backing

A laminated backing seals the back of the emblem and helps it keep it’s shape and feel. Our washable / dry-cleanable yarn comes in a gamut of brilliant colors and a variety of weights.


Every emblem is inspected no less than four times before it can leave our factory.

Thunderbirds perform first Delta Formation sortie of 2015

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