We are a Patch Company

Looking for a supplier to make your custom patch or pin? Then, we can help you succeed. It’s our passion & heritage. We are a patch company named A-B Emblem that takes pride in being the best at our craft.

A-B Emblem: We are a Patch Company. Photo shows a multi-head embroidery machine making embroidered patches with the operator in the background.

Emblem making is our passion

We know that buyers do not think about what takes to make a patch or pin – until they need one. So, our team not only thinks about it, we expertly craft patches and pins every day.

For us, it always comes back to being a patch company. Because that is our heritage. All the other custom items we make amplify from our background as an embroidered patch manufacturer. We make logos, emblems, and custom branded items as a result.

A collage of custom patches from Patch Company A-B Emblem located in Weaverville, NC, USA.

Heritage and pride in who we are

Our company founder immigrated to America from East Germany nearly 100 years ago. He brought the knowledge and passion for mechanized embroidery and pattern making with him. We evolved to be a multi-national company headquartered in North Carolina, USA.

A-B Emblem makes patches for the US Military since 1941. We are the official supplier to NASA for mission patches since 1970. A-B serves some of the largest national associations in America.

A-B Emblem: We are a patch company. Screenshot from our Instagram posts summary.

Wide background of knowledge to serve you better

We produce millions of patches and pins for Fortune 500 companies, National Associations, Sports Organizations, Private Firms, Governments, Retail, and Start-Ups. From this experience, we have learned some things that can help you with your patch or pin.

We provide more options

Because we own factories in the United States, Mexico, and North China – A-B Emblem can provide you with greater options than any other patch company. Our capabilities across the world market make us unique in our industry.

Big or Small – we can help you succeed

So, in conclusion, it doesn’t matter if you are big or small. A-B Emblem can help you make your custom patch or pin with better results. It’s what we do. Please reach out, so we can help you get started today.

Thank you for the opportunity

A-B Emblem: We are a Patch Company. We also make Pins. Photo shows a die struck pin made for Rockbrook Camp.

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