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Sports Patches

Sports and Officiating uniform patches

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Sports uniform patches. Whether it’s at home plate, in the end zone, or at the gym — let our staff help you create your patch… one that is a winner.

Custom patches make sports uniforms special to wear

Well-designed, custom-made patches make sports uniforms special to wear. Our custom patches can add meaning for the players, coaches, fans, and officials. We also make custom sports patches for fan wear and leisure wear.

A significant upgrade to sports uniforms at a low cost

The right patch can be a significant upgrade to any sports uniform. And, not just for the team logos, but also for marking significant anniversaries, special causes, achievements, tournaments, and the league itself. As a bonus, sports uniform patches don’t have to be expensive to be effective.

Encourage and recognize players for their hard work

Custom patches are a great way to inspire players to push to the next level and to develop new skills. If your team rewards improvement, patches are a great way to show recognition. If you have seasoned players, custom patches are also a great way to recognize their dedication.

Custom patches as part of your program

Want to take it to the next level? Then, custom sports uniform patches should be a part of your development program. Every time a player wears a special recognition patch, it shows they have accomplished a hard-won goal.

A strong relationship between players and coaches, based on understanding and recognition, breeds confidence in each other. Confidence breeds success. Custom patches are a fantastic way to provide recognition and teach leadership.

Custom letter jacket patches

A great example of special recognition in team sports: letter patches for varsity jackets. Varsity letters are traditionally larger Chenille and Felt patches. We offer this type of patch! They are beautiful and you will be pleased with the quality and cost.

Please note, A-B does not supply the jackets. We make beautiful custom letter patches for them. A local seamstress or print shop can attach our patches for you. If you are making your own varsity jackets, you may find this link helpful.

Extending beyond high school sports, there are private companies that use letterman jackets for longterm employee recognition. It’s that powerful of a symbol. Varsity jackets are also popular in street wear fashion these days. So, the value is self-evident.

Contact us to get started!

We’ve most likely made patches for your sport before

Here’s a “shortlist” of the types of sports patches that we’ve made: soccer, football, baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, wrestling, tennis, volleyball, track, rugby, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming, diving, cross country, rowing, triathlon, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, roller derby, billiards, bowling, golf, martial arts, cycling, skateboarding, winter sports, summer sports, pro sports, college sports, amateur sports, youth sports, co-ed sports, adult league sports, church league sports, outdoor sports, shooting sports, horse riding sports, rodeo, and motorsports.

As well as, producing custom patches for coaches, directors, instructors, and trainers. And, if that wasn’t enough, we also make sports officiating patches for referees, umpires, linesmen, and judges.

If we’ve missed your sport in our list, we apolgize. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you create a beautiful custom patch.

Hockey Jersey Patches from A-B Emblem's Sports Uniform Patches collection.

A-B Emblem’s custom patches are:

Extremely Affordable

Cost much less than plastic trophies, t-shirts, and caps.

Highly Visible

When attached to a shirt, jacket, hat, backpack, or bag – sports patches offer high visibility. They can go places that trophies and other products never will. Pay homage to your organization no matter your attire.

Great for Collecting and Trading

Create a collectible emblem and you’ve now got a way to remember the event— that goes on a shirt, a hat, anywhere but the trash.

Oops! The event date is fast approaching

Call to ask about our 10-day, 5-day, and 2-day express service.

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