Businesses & Industry

Corporate Identity

Custom embroidered patch for Microsoft's Office Suite.
A round red emblem with white embroidery detailing the word mark of Coca-Cola.

Custom patch for Goodwill Industries International Inc
A shield-shaped custom patch for the Biltmore Estate's Security force. It features very detailed embroidery of the house as the feature. A dark red and green border surrounds the house, the words “Biltmore”, “Security”, all on a white background.
Custom patch for Heckler & Koch GmbH.
Custom patch for Snag Proof fishing

Custom patch for Continental AG

A custom embroidered patch of Disney's logo. The design is a blue and white -- shield shaped. The ever-classic Disney D is positioned in the center. There are three stars on either side of the letter. The color blue is embroidered and the white is not, a very nice usage of embroidery.
A custom patch for PENN fishing.
Custom patch for Smoky Mountain Camping Equipment
A custom patch for Southwest Airlines - Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Custom patch for Sunoco Inc.
Custom patch for Industrial Hydro Services
Custom patch for Blue Moon Brewing Co
We know your image is important to you and that makes it important to us. A-B Emblem is America’s number one supplier of emblems for corporate identity. Our quality and prices are guaranteed the best in the industry, and we have the years of experience necessary to deliver on time and on budget.
Whether your custom patch is being worn on a work shirt, dress shirt, golf shirt, jacket, bag, or specialty item – we have the experience to provide a superior quality emblem at the right size. Our Contour Cut (hot needle cut) patch has a low-profile look similar to direct embroidery but without the fabric puckering.
An Oil Rig Roughneck prepares to join two drill pieces.