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A unique process of achieving photographic and graphic images permanently printed on emblems. A high-resolution four-color process with unequaled detail, vibrant color clarity, and excellent reproduction of subtle and continuous tones is an inexpensive solution that is sure to draw attention wherever it is used. Unlike screen printing, this washable and dry-cleanable image is permanently dyed into the fabric of the emblem, not merely painted on its surface. Any image digitally captured can be faithfully reproduced.

No need to count colors, they are limitless. One hundred colors are the same low price as one color. There are no additional charges based on coverage. From 10% coverage to 100% coverage is the same low price.

All PhotoEmblem Patches are stabilized with a polymer backing and the edges are bound with a ravel-proof border.

PhotoEmblem Patches can be made in virtually any shape or size. However, shapes with concave curves or indentions do not lend themselves to this process.

Please contact an Account Executive at 888-797-4285 to get started!

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