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A-B Vintage Catalogs

Step back to 1957, 1972, and 1981

Vintage A-B Emblem display with our Founder E. Henry Conrad
Our company founder E. Henry Conrad shares A-B Emblem display boards with an iron lung patient at the hospital. The child is looking into a mirror to see the patches behind him. Iron Lungs were used as a treatment for polio during the 1940s and 1950s.

Our story is the American story

Browse A-B Emblem’s catalogs from 1957, 1972, and 1981 (as PDFs) by clicking the covers shown below. These catalogs show the embroidered patches that A-B Emblem supplied to leading US companies and organizations at the time (mostly for wearing on uniforms).

It’s also a great study in logo and emblem design spanning decades.

Anywhere you look, you’ll see our patches – then and now

Looking through our catalogs, we provided emblems for the US President’s staff all the way to the local delivery man. From the US Military to the local police. From astronauts to little leaguers to auto mechanics. And, we still do today.

In the 1981 catalog, we were offering stock designs for pop culture (novelties), kids soccer teams, motorcyclists, sports car enthusiasts, RVers, college sports fans, and more.

A-B Emblem is truly part of the American experience. Our success and growth as a US-based company follow the trends of the country all the way from “way back when” until today.

This experience provides A-B Emblem with a massive amount of knowledge about making custom emblems. And, we apply it daily to help our customers create new custom patches and more.

Our vintage catalogs:


What about today?

If you’d like to check out our 2020-2021 catalog, please visit: