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Five ways to promote your brand in 2022

Are you looking for better ways to promote your brand in 2022? Maybe you’re a startup looking for increased visibility? Or, you could be an established brand looking to break out from the doldrums? In either case, our list below of Five Ways to Promote Your Brand should be helpful.

1. Don’t just rely on Digital Marketing!

Don’t just rely on Digital Marketing. While important, it should not be your only marketing tool. Invest in tradeshows, sponsor local events, and host open houses to grow your business and relationships.

By combining your face-to-face marketing with your digital marketing you can find the “secret sauce”. Promote your events with your social media accounts and on your blog. Post interesting and fun content from your events showcasing your team and customers.

2. Create branded items

By creating high-quality, attractive items with your branding, people will remember you. By providing those items to VIPs at your events, you can create opportunities to engage with them.

Focus on items that people want.

You can also create a Company Store to sell those same branded items to fans of your brand. And, in turn, they will advertise for you in public, on social media, and with their friends, family & like-minded people.

To take it a step further, rewarding your employees with high-quality branded items they can wear at events and to work is another great way to promote your company. Be careful to make the items things that people actually want to wear.

Spend a little more, get a lot more in return

Spending a little more on high-quality branded items that will be kept and used is a wise choice. After all, there’s no point in branding things that have little value and will be quickly thrown away.

So, go for quality over quantity. Only provide branded items to people who care about your brand. Items like apparel with Custom Embroidered emblems for example convey a sense of quality and value that’s inherently worth more.

3. Promote your branded items, give them value

Think about the items that you have kept and used from your favorite brands. Are they things of higher quality/value? Do they have an attractive logo? We bet the answer to both questions is yes.

What makes you like a branded item? Well-styled? Does it feel nice to wear? If it’s from a brand you love, you may have purchased it from the company’s store? Maybe you won the item in a contest, or it was given to you as a premium reward?

4. If your branding is weak, it’s time to improve it

Even the best-known organizations periodically invest in a brand refresh from time to time. So, the expense is well worth the cost. The bottom line is you can’t expect people to identify with your brand – if your message is not living up to expectations.

So, hire a graphic designer or marketing firm that specializes in branding and logo design. Make sure to ask them to create work for you that functions across all media and in different sizes. Need a referral? Let us know.

Some questions to ask: How will it look on a T-shirt, poster, or website? What will it look like as a custom patch hat, pin, or keyring? How will it look on a golf shirt or jacket as an emblem?

5. Think about Color Variations and use them to create special edition items

Finally, think about color variations. If you are spending the time and money to improve your branding, we also recommend asking the graphic designer to give you a color pallet and some variations for the design.

Ask yourself: how does our branding look in black and white? How about in our company colors? Maybe you should be asking yourself, what is our brand’s color scheme? Does it need to be refreshed? How would our branding look in a new color pallet?

Once you have this figured out, use it to your advantage. Creating branded items and digital assets that have special meaning. Maybe it’s a special edition logo that’s only used for a certain event? Or, maybe it’s a colorway that is only used for VIP apparel? Make your variations have meaning and tell people about it.


That’s our list of the Five ways to promote your brand in 2022. Great organizations deserve great branding! We hope that it helps you with your marketing efforts. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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