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Featured Item: Custom Bag Tags

Featured Item: Custom luggage and bag tags. Let A-B help you create something special!

Featured Item: Custom Luggage and Bag Tags from A-B Emblem
Featured Item: Custom Luggage and Bag Tags from A-B Emblem

A Top Seller for good reason

Top-selling custom products at A-B Emblem include our featured item Luggage and Bag Tags. We have options available for rectangular, square, and contour-shaped designs. The backs of the Bag Tags have a clear window with a contact card. High-quality stitching and durability make this a highly sought-after item.

You’ll see our Custom Bag Tags in many places

Custom luggage and bag tags are popular with gift shops at travel destinations. National associations, meeting planners, and convention organizers love custom luggage tags for rewarding their attendees. Cruise lines are another great customer.

Lifestyle and golf brands find bag tags irresistible. Music festivals and sporting events know their appeal at merch tables and as VIP rewards.

Why ours perform better

A-B Emblem’s luggage and bag tags perform better than other types, like plastic or laminated, because ours are flexible they don’t break when they take a hit in baggage claim or on the transfer bus. The added texture and quality of embroidery show that form follows function.

Let’s look at options for attachment

Featured Item: Custom Bag Tags. There are a variety of attachment types to choose from

Attachment options

Attachment to the luggage or bag can be made with a fabric cord, heavy-duty plastic band, metal cable, or leather strap with a clasp. The attachment can often be color-coordinated with the design of the tag. A grommet or reinforcement stitching in the tag makes the connection strong and ready for adventure.

Talk to a luggage and bag tag expert!

To learn more, please visit our Embroidered Bag Tags product page and watch the short video clip there. If you have questions or would like to quote a custom bag tag with us, our design experts would love to help you.

The back of the bag tag has a clear window and a contact card.