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This blog post covers recent site improvements including FlipBooks and Videos.

FlipBook Catalogs are cool

We have added a FlipBook viewer to our PDF Catalog for 2020-2021. The FlipBook feature allows you to grab the lower corner of the page and flip through it as you would do with a printed catalog.

A-B Emblem Catalog 2020-2021, Showing inside pages 2-3.

If you like this feature, you may also enjoy looking through our FlipBook versions of Vintage A-B Catalogs from 1981, 1972, and 1957. A ton of work goes into building a catalog. So, looking back at vintage catalogs with 36 to 60+ pages is impressive.

A-B Emblem Catalog 1957, Showing back cover pages.
A-B Emblem Catalog 1957, Showing back cover pages.

The move from Stock to Custom

Over the years, A-B moved away from stock designs and towards custom orders. So, custom orders make up the bulk of what we do today. You can see this change as you flip through the current catalog and our vintage catalogs.

Our Videos on Vimeo

Another recent improvement we want to highlight is our Vimeo site. There is a treasure trove of information available there. Watch it to improve your knowledge about emblems, emblem-making, and A-B. We embed all our videos on this website from the Vimeo page.

Image showing our Vimeo home page. Screen cap image.
Our Vimeo page has a lot of great content to watch!

What’s Next?

This leads us to ask, “What videos would you like us to make next?”

Is there a topic that we can shed more light on? Maybe it’s about a type of emblem we produce or a new “How it’s Made” factory video? Please let us know in the comments and thank you for reading our blog posts.

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