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What is an Emblem?

Custom patches, insignia, coins, medals, pins, and hats w/ patches.

What is an Emblem?

“A symbol or logo that is used as an identifying mark.”

This is the definition that best fits Emblem as used in our company name.

How are Emblems used?

An emblem can take several forms. It can be used as a graphic, patch, badge, crest, decal, jewelry, tag, or ornament. As an emblem company, A-B Emblem is an expert in all of these forms. We also understand how to design and manufacture each for the best results.

What makes A-B experts?

Our origins in Emblem-making date back more than 100 years. Company founder E. Henry Conrad learned how to operate Schiffli Embroidery Machines in East Germany before moving to the United States. By 1941, he was an established American businessman and making embroidered patches for the U.S. Armed Forces.

A-B Emblem today

A-B Emblem is a family-run business operating a headquarters in North Carolina with factories in the USA, Mexico, and China. Under the leadership of Bernhard Conrad, Paul Conrad, and Andrew Nagle, the company manages sales offices across the globe producing millions of emblems per year.

We are Everywhere you look

Our custom-made emblems are everywhere. We proudly serve the US Armed Forces, as well as the NASA Astronauts Office, Girl Scouts of the USA, REI, and the Boy Scouts of America. A-B Emblem serves thousands of customers, large and small, around the globe.

What are your Top Sellers?

Our top-selling emblems include 1. Patches and Insignia, 2. Keyrings and Key Clips, 3. Luggage and Bag Tags, 4. Lapel Pins and Jewelry, 5. Ornaments.

What’s next?

New formats of emblems

A-B Emblem is always looking for the next opportunity in emblem-making. For example, the expansion of PVC (aka rubber or silicone) patches, Decals aka stickers, and Velcro Patches are some examples gaining popularity.

Hats with Patches attached

A-B continues to expand our ability to attach custom patches to caps and beanies. We offer the highest quality brands to choose from in many styles and colors. So, we can provide turnkey solutions for Decorated Headwear.

Retail Packaging

Another example of how we are evolving is our custom-printed Backer Cards and Header Cards (with or without barcodes, poly bags, or specialty hole punching). To learn more, please visit our Packaging Options section.