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Custom Made (for you)

Custom Emblems aka Patches from A-B Emblem

Custom emblems all day long

A-B makes custom emblems (aka patches, logos, badges, crests, decals, and insignia). Our core business is making custom products that represent your unique identity and branding.

We help our clients develop designs that excel in the manufacturing process. Then, we produce those items to meet demanding specifications. So, our clients see better results.

Experts in the process and design

We are experts in the emblem manufacturing process and how to design for it. It can be embroidery, woven, PVC aka rubber or silicone, leather, metal fabrication, appliques, dye sublimation, or printing. Depending on the project, the design may span several processes.

Custom is our specialty

Yes. That’s right. Almost everything we make at A-B Emblem is custom designed and manufactured to serve a specific client. In fact, we only offer stock products to serve select markets.

Name Drops to help you get started

A-B Emblem has a large catalog of “name-drop” designs. They are almost always customized for the client as a next step. So, if you don’t have a design concept, then we can show you ideas. We have learned however that customizing to fit your unique identity is the secret to success.

For example, we can drop your slogan or logo onto a sunset, mountains, or winter scene. But, we can also modify the graphic design to show details specific to your location. So, it’s truly yours.

You are unique

You are unique and deserve custom-made items that tell your story. This is our mission at A-B Emblem.

We make custom design easy

Our low MOQ (minimum order quantity) and expert design team make getting into custom easy. Some of our products require just 50 to 100 pcs to get started. And, we offer sample sets in 3-4 pcs at a reasonable cost.

Sure A-B Emblem enjoys manufacturing in thousands of units and producing reorders. But, we also serve smaller customers every day. As a result, we help our smaller customers grow into larger customers over time.

Let’s get started!

Please drop us a line about your custom projects and visit our Vimeo page for ideas.

Thank you, A-B Emblem