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Custom Biker Patches

Custom Biker Patches from A-B Emblem

Custom Biker Patches from A-B Emblem

Looking for Custom Biker Patches?

If so, we would love to help. A-B Emblem has been a supplier of biker patches since the 1960s. We make biker patches in all sizes and shapes. Back Patches and Motorcycle Rockers are a specialty. A-B Emblem makes Back Patches up to 12 inches wide x 17 inches high in size.

Your leather jacket or vest biker patch

We can make your motorcycle patch reflect your style. We have a variety of techniques, materials, colors, and patterning options – so you get the best motorcycle patch design. Get what you want and deserve. Don’t settle for anything less.

Talk to a Biker Patch Specialist

Contact us to talk to a Biker Patch Specialist. We can help you turn your biker patch design or idea into a patch that you and your motorcycle club will be proud to wear. Our production times are fast. Most biker patches take us about a month to produce.

High-Quality Stitching and Patterning

A-B’s embroidered patches have high-quality stitching. We only use the best thread in vibrant, rich colors. Special effects including glow-in-the-dark and reflective threads are also available.

The size, shape, and number of stitches needed to embroider your biker patch will determine the price. For this reason, we recommend contacting us to talk about it. Thanks for the opportunity.

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